" 3 Key Steps To Rapidly Grow Your Business via 
Social Media While Working Less and Making More"

(WITHOUT complexity, stress or posting a countless amount of content on social media)

Chanelle Yarber
Hola! I'm Chanelle - Chief Marketing Maven at BrightGirl Media. 

If you're anything like I was, you have been grinding trying to grow your business
You started the business so that you could have time and freedom from the demands of corporate, but now your business has eclipsed everything in your life

Your social life has gone by the wayside.

Family complains that you spend more time on the computer than with them.

And you've been tempted a time or two to just walk away and go back to that "good job" with the steady paycheck because now that seems so much easier.

Your sole purpose was to monetize your zone of genius - NOT have to figure out how to do all the things!

I get it, girl! Trust me! 
I started my business for the same reasons and quickly realized it is NOT for the faint of heart. 

It wasn't until I got completely fed up that I finally made the shift.
It was when I learned the value of systems and leveraging my time that I began to operate like a true CEO and not just a hustler.

And I want that same thing for you! 

If you are tired of... 
👎 forcing yourself to show up on social media
👎 throwing money down the Facebook ads drain, and 
👎 having to explain to your family and friends why all this hard work isn't gifting you the freedom you desired

You're in the RIGHT place!

In my FREE training, I share social media secrets that will help you understand how to maximize your time and efforts to go from a few leads here and there to finally attracting your dream client on auto-pilot!
Free Training With Chanelle Yarber of BrightGirl Media
  • How to consistently get clients for your business by using systems instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.
  • The "one" simple, but most important thing that most high performing consultants overlook when it comes to growing a business on social media that you must do now if you want to effectively scale.
  • How to attract your dream clients while working less and making more by following 3 simple steps.
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